School and group visits

School parties and groups are welcome, and can be accommodated by prior arrangement. Teachers and group leaders are invited to make a preparatory visit to the Museum, free of charge.

Booking enquiries can be made on 01433 631371 or 0114 230 5723 (Mrs Beryl Ramage).

A lecture room with a seating capacity of about 30 is available for talks, or our video introduction lasting 16 minutes. Parties of more than 30 can be accommodated in the lecture room in successive groups, but as the talk or video are designed to provide an introduction to the displays, we recommend that groups do not go round the Museum beforehand. Talks on the Plague last approximately 30 minutes, and can be tailored to suit individual requirements. When planning your visit, we suggest that you allow about half an hour to go round the Museum.

The Museum does not have public toilet facilities, but public toilets are situated directly opposite in the car park.

Wheelchair access is possible to the ground floor, and a stair-lift is available for those unable to ascend the stairs to the upper floor.

There is storage space for bags and coats to be left during visits to the Museum and clipboards are available for loan on request.


The introductory video

In the path of the Plague

The 16 minute video, professionally produced, is specifically scripted for children up to 11 years old. This has become very popular. It provides an excellent introduction to the story in the Museum, and is an ideal substitute for a "live" talk.


The Gift Shop

Eyam Museum gift shop

The Museum has a gift shop selling books, rocks, minerals, replica fossils, souvenirs and gifts.

Some books are available by mail order.


St Lawrence Church

St Lawrence Church, Eyam

Many curriculum subjects can be covered by following your Museum visit and talk with a tour of the village to consolidate the information. The Churchyard contains the tomb of only one known plague victim, that of Catherine Mompesson.

Many groups walk down to the Cucklet Church, the scene of the open-air services.

The Plague Cottages

Plague Cottages, Eyam

Many houses bear plaques giving the names of those who died there, such as the "Plague Cottages" themselves, where George Viccars was the first plague victim.

The Village Stocks, the Water Troughs, Eyam Hall, and the Silk Factory with its pigeon loft can also be seen in the village.


Mompesson's Well and
Riley Graves

Mompesson's Well, Eyam

Mompesson's Well, the Boundary Stone, and the Riley Graves are a little further afield if the day is fine and there is time for a walk.

The Riley Graves, Eyam




You will make your day more manageable if you do not try to fit in too many activities. Allow at least half a day - 2 hours, say, in Eyam, not including picnics and toilet stops.



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