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will be surprised by the amount of information and the variety of displays in the museum. There is little room for expansion, but since 1997 we have managed to create one or two gaps into which new displays can be fitted.

Looking down into the lead mine

The Lead Mine model

Apart from the plague story, Eyam is well known for its interesting geology and its history of lead mining. The model of an early 19th century lead mine was installed during January 2002 after months of hard work.

The three lead miners (right) were made for us by Museum Casts as part of our "Museum of the year Shoestring Award".

The three lead miners

The rat weather vane

The Weather Vane

As a millennium gift, the Village Society provided a weather vane. There was some debate as to what form it should take, and it was finally installed during 2002. The design was of course, the black rat, which carries the fleas that transmit bubonic plague.


"More things for the children!"

One of the commonest requests is "more things for children to do". To this end we introduced a 4 page A4 coloured activity sheet for the 2006 season, which has proved very popular. Some panels have been redesigned, for instance we have lowered the rat display so that children find it easier to see. A book "Bugs and Buboes" has been produced by the museum, which gives a simplified and straightforward account of the plague story.

What was the Plague? The debate continues.

Since 1997 previously unknown facts have come to light, new ideas and explanations have been generated, and the ongoing (often controversial) research must be considered if the whole truth is to be known. Professors Scott and Duncan of Liverpool University made a strong case for an entirely different disease, for it is their belief that bubonic plague was not present in Europe in the period under their review. New panels erected in 2007 evaluate the evidence.


The Eyam Connections room, overseen by the plague doctor

The Eyam Connections room

The building work on the extension was completed during winter 2010/11 despite the weather, and opened in March 2012. It has given us a fine new room, with space for seats and exciting new displays. We hope to use more items from the collection in a series of temporary displays, which will change regularly. Now that the Chapel is vacant, the whole space will eventually be incorporated into the main display.


Eyam and the Delta 32 Mutation

In February 2002 Channel Four screened a fascinating documentary about a mutation which gives immunity to the Bubonic Plague and AIDS. Eyam figured prominently in this story, and the fascinating conclusions of the research were first presented as a temporary display. There was so much interest that this has now become part of our main story. More information about the mutation can be found here.




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